[rdfweb-dev] administrivia: updated mailman, spam filtering, and dreamhosting

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Mon Jul 3 09:56:38 UTC 2006


I've just updated mailman on the FOAF webserver, taking us from 2.1.4 to 
2.1.8. This may help with signup/unsub issues that people have reported.

Recently the mailman config has been utterly overwhelmed with spam. The 
admin interface for the mailing list was unusable, etc. I've now 
installed SpamAssassin and it's running with the sa-exim package before 
mail hits mailman. It seems to default to rejecting super-obvious spam 
with no explanation, so be careful if you're posting about loans, viagra 
and pornography. More borderline posts have headers added, so mailman 
could potentially be configured to be smarter with those too. I'm still 
investigating. If you hit any problems with mail and the list, let me 
know (danbri at danbri.org cc: danbrickley at gmail.com).

Eventually I would like to move this off to a more appropriate hosting 
arrangement. I have a Dreamhost account now, which I'm investigating for 
the main FOAF websites (to make local sysadmin less of a bottleneck). 
Dreamhost offer mailman, but their spam filtering setup doesn't seem 
well-integrated, we couldn't integrate the older mail archives, nor 
apply the RSS patch to mailman.

So anyway, let me know (offlist) if you hit any mail problems here...



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