[foaf-dev] Interesting: Part 4: The User Interface of Microformat Detection

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Tue Feb 6 21:19:50 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Alex Faaborg has written a series of articles (see [1]) about plans
for detecting and using semantic metadata in the upcoming Firefox 3.0.

Very interesting articles and they are relevant to the world of
Semantic Web and to the Semantic Radar extension [2] for Firefox.
SIOC, FOAF, DOAP, etc. are metadata formats that browser users could
put to a good use.

In fact, users need not worry where the data come from (microformats,
RDF, or something else) as long as that information is reliable and
useful to them. It would be good include in web browsers the
capability of detecting and using [links to] RDF data.

Alternatively, a tool to detect RDF metadata can be built on and
benefit from the microformat detection infrastructure built into the
browser, provided this infrastructure is generic enough. Firefox
already uses RDF for some of its functions and I wonder if there will
be some synergy between these two things inside a browser.

Where do you see the use of RDF data by a browser? And how are you
using RDF data (and microformats data) currently present on the web?

[1] http://blog.mozilla.com/faaborg/2007/02/04/microformats-part-4-the-user-interface-of-microformat-detection/
[2] http://sioc-project.org/firefox


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