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Kingsley Idehen kidehen at openlinksw.com
Wed Feb 7 20:37:35 UTC 2007

Henry Story wrote:
> Hi I just published a thought [1] about how one may deal with 
> publishing foaf files from an ldap server and how clients that may 
> want to write to that foaf file might go around doing this. There are 
> two ways:
> - the WebDav server analyses the PUT statement and makes sure some 
> parts of the subgraph are consistent with what is in the company ldap 
> directory
> - the ldap generated foaf file points to another space where user 
> agents can write or enhance their foaf files with pretty much whatever 
> they want
> I have not done a lot of research to see if anyone had done anything 
> similar yet. If so please let me know. Otherwise has anyone had any 
> further thoughts on this? Any good references?

Yes :-) Re. OpenLink Data Spaces (which has a Briefcase component which 
is our WebDAV based implementation of what is best described as Mac OS X 

You upload FOAF to WebDAV


1. We don't reconcile against LDAP per se (even though we import from 
LDAP without issue)


1. Allow multiple FOAF uploads to WebDAV but expose one master FOAF to 
the public (optionally)
2. Add LDAP accounts imports to the FOAF produced above (an reconcile as 
you do)
3. Produce a SocialNetwork from FOAF uploads that takes the form of 
sioct:SocialNetwork instance data (as per: 
which is a sublass of sioc:Forum

All of the above will apply to iCalendar data also (using sioct:Calendar 
re instance Data).

Mid next week :-)

Really nice to see proliferation of FOAF across the Web!


> Henry
> [1] http://blogs.sun.com/bblfish/entry/foaf_enabling_an_enterprise
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> Sun Blog: http://blogs.sun.com/bblfish/
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