[foaf-dev] Return of the FOAF mailing list :)

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Thu Jan 25 15:02:49 UTC 2007

Hi all

With many many thanks to Edd Dumbill, ... the FOAF mailing list is back 
online. If you're receiving this, you're on it. Let me know if you've 
any problem with that. We used the membership of rdfweb-dev, but renamed 
the mailing list.

So, a couple of changes:

  - the list is called foaf-dev at lists.foaf-project.org
  - there are archives online, including all historical backlog, via

As before, it's mailman-managed. We have some troubles with the RSS 
patch still, ... help there welcomed.

The FOAF site btw is now moved across to DreamHost for hosting, as is 
xmlns.com, so should be a bit faster. It's also now managed in 
Subversion from a machine I can more easily give shared access to, but 
more on that another time.




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