[foaf-dev] foaf:Organization status

Alexandre Passant alex at passant.org
Sun Jan 28 20:32:25 UTC 2007


I'm currently studying ontologies to describe basic informations about
organizations. Looking at FOAF, it seems it's a good way to start -
and to extend.

Yet I have a few questions:

* According to the specs:
re. foaf:Group : "This concept is intentionally quite broad, covering
informal and ad-hoc groups, long-lived communities, organizational
groups within a workplace, etc."
re. foaf:Organization: "a kind of foaf:Agent corresponding to social
instititutions such as companies, societies etc."

So, I'm wondering why foaf:Organization is not a subclass of
foaf:Group as it seems this is a more-restrictively defined Group ?
Especially, it will help to use foaf:member to link Organizations to Agents.
BTW, what about an inverse property (member_of ?) to get a
person-centric approach, rather than a group-centric one ?
(Or, at least, add foaf:Organization in foaf:member domain ?)

* There are some properties currently defined with foaf:Person as a
domain, where it could be nice to have foaf:Agent instead. I
especially think about:
- foaf:currentProject / pastProject
- foaf:publications
- foaf:interest / foaf:topicInterest
It would be useful to describe, eg, research groups and organizations
interests / projects / industrial fields (maybe by subclassing
foaf:topic_interest in local ontologies to be more precise)



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