[foaf-dev] Re: [OpenID] openid, foaf and attribute exchange

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Wed Jul 25 23:12:26 BST 2007

On 25 Jul 2007, at 15:16, Mark Wahl wrote:

> Story Henry wrote:
>>    - duplicating effort. This spec is inventing a metadata format,  
>> a  query language and storage API, which is a lot of work. These  
>> things  have been done before:
>>       + metadata framework: as shown above RDF does this very  
>> well  already. It has a very powerful semantics, has gone through  
>> years of  review by some of the best thinkers in the world, is  
>> extensible, self  describing, etc, etc... having to learn another  
>> special convention as  proposed here, is one more unnecessary  
>> piece of work.
> Actually there has not yet been defined a suitable protocol- 
> indepdendent metadata format for identity
> schemas elements such as attribute types
> and claim types. "RDF" by itself is insufficient as there has not yet
> been defined ontologies for identity schemas.

mhh.. Not sure I understand. Yes there are some relations that need  
to be defined, but that's not

> To address this the
> Identity Commons Identity Schemas working group is defining a  
> common set
> of metadata representation elements for OpenID (and CardSpace and  
> others
> emerging protocols); a work-in-progress can be seen at
> http://idschemas.idcommons.net/moin.cgi/MetaData

I proposed a couple of relations in my recent post


Is this the kind of relation you are working on there?  I could not  
find any relations defined there yet.

> which can be expressed in RDF and retrieved via "GET", as described in
> http://idschemas.idcommons.net/moin.cgi/BasicRetrieval

That looks like a formalization of the RDF linked data practice. It  
is pretty simple right,
you do a GET on a URL and you will get a representation back in rdf/ 
xml if you do your content negotiation right.

I think I also noticed an error in your GET request

GET /schema.rdf#age HTTP/1.1
Host: www.example.com
Accept: application/rdf+xml

I think one does not do GETs on URLs containing a #. You have to  
remove everything after and including the #.

> Mark Wahl
> Informed Control Inc.

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