[foaf-dev] foafbook ? [slightly OT]

Dave Brondsema dave at brondsema.net
Mon Jun 11 03:07:09 BST 2007

Neil Phillips wrote:
> Hi All,
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> just wondering if anyone had jumped on the bandwagon yet and developed a
> facebook foaf plugin ? was just about to but thought I'd ask first.
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> Cheers, Neil
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I've looked at the API some, to see if there'd be a way to expose
facebook information as FOAF, for the purposes of
Konfidi/foaf-whitelisting.  I don't quite grok how all the parts fit
together, but I did notice that you cannot get an mbox or mbox_sha1sum
value out.  I didn't go any further after discovering that, since such a
value (as an IFP that is verified to be correct) is key to the plans of
how Konfidi/foaf-whitelisting would use the data.

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