[foaf-dev] foafbook ? [slightly OT]

John Breslin john.breslin at deri.org
Wed Jun 13 11:07:06 BST 2007

Looking at the FQL terms, their user maps to some FOAF and SIOC terms 
for foaf:onlineAccount (and sioc:User), friend to foaf:Person / 
foaf:knows, group to foaf:Group or sioc:Usergroup, event to RDF 
Calendar:VEVENT, Album to sioc_t:ImageGallery, photo to EXIF IFD, etc.

Neil Phillips wrote:
> Hi All,
> just wondering if anyone had jumped on the bandwagon yet and developed 
> a facebook foaf plugin ? was just about to but thought I'd ask first.
> Cheers, Neil

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