[foaf-dev] proposal for foaf:openid property

Henry Story henry.story at bblfish.net
Mon Jun 18 17:11:04 BST 2007


On 16 Jun 2007, at 19:38, Dan Brickley wrote:

> Draft in progress. Anyone object to this going into the spec?
> [[
> Property: foaf:openid
> openid - An OpenID for an Agent.
> Status: 	unstable
> OWL Type: 	An InverseFunctionalProperty (uniquely identifying  
> property)
> Domain: 	foaf:Agent
> Range: 	foaf:Document
> A foaf:openid is a property of a foaf:Agent that associates it with  
> a document that can be used as an indirect identifier in the manner  
> of the OpenID "Identity URL". As the OpenID 1.1 specification  
> notes, OpenID itself"does not provide any mechanism to exchange  
> profile information, though Consumers of an Identity can learn more  
> about an End User from any public, semantically interesting  
> documents linked thereunder (FOAF, RSS, Atom, vCARD, etc.)". In  
> this way, FOAF and OpenID complement each other; neither provides a  
> stand-alone approach to online "trust", but combined they can  
> address interesting parts of this larger problem space.
> The foaf:openid property is "inverse functional", meaning that  
> anything that is the foaf:openid of something, is the foaf:openid  
> of no more than one thing. FOAF is agnostic as to whether there are  
> (according to the relevant OpenID specifications) OpenID URIs that  
> are equally associated with multiple Agents. FOAF offers sub- 
> classes of Agent, ie. foaf:Organization and foaf:Group, that allow  
> for such scenarios to be consistent with the notion that any  
> foaf:openid is the foaf:openid of just one foaf:Agent.
> FOAF does not mandate any particular URI scheme for use as  
> foaf:openid values. The OpenID 1.1 specification includes a  
> delegation model that is often used to allow a weblog or homepage  
> document to also serve in OpenID authentication via "link rel" HTML  
> markup. This deployment model provides a convenient connection to  
> FOAF, since a similar technique is used for FOAF autodiscovery in  
> HTML. A single document can, for example, serve both as a homepage  
> and an OpenID identity URL.
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