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Mon Mar 12 17:10:58 UTC 2007

Hi All,

We (SIOC development community) are looking forward to your
suggestions on how to connect blog posts (expressed as sioc:Posts)
with different types of data / content that these posts contain or are
about. All comments are welcome.

Copying this to FOAF-Dev and DOAP-Interest lists because software
projects in DOAP can be one of the things people want to talk about.
And FOAF is already integrated in RDF data exported by SIOC enabled
forums and weblog, which means that developments in one can also help
the other.

You will a detailed description of this question at the original
SIOC-Dev discussion thread [1] and in the last (summary) message from
it which can be found below.

[1] http://groups.google.com/group/sioc-dev/browse_thread/thread/a443ae44fc9b0441


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On 3/9/07, captsolo at gmail.com <captsolo at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/1/07, John Breslin <john.breslin at deri.org> wrote:
> > (1) SIOC types
> and
> > (3) > Forums, Posts
> [ + Containers / Items ]
> The list of SIOC types at [1] looks good. There may be some
> fine-tuning of SIOC types as we implement them, some properties may be
> moved up from Post to Item, but all in all it is a good start and lets
> us move forward.
> [1] http://www.johnbreslin.com/blog/2007/03/03/proposed-classes-for-sioc-types-module/
> > (2) Posts and connected content (linked or embedded files or metadata)
> >
> > So far, sioc:Posts have content, attachment and links_to properties
> > which cover a lot of discussion content scenarios.
> >
> > It seems that we may still need a few more properties, e.g.
> > content_enhanced, embeds, etc.
> >
> > The content_enhanced could be HTML-enhanced text, text with BB / wiki
> > codes, or maybe even a series of chunks of plain text and RDF metadata.
> > This property could also link to an AtomOWL Content object.  Uldis
> > proposed sioc:body for this property some time back.
> To abstract a little, we may look at Post/Item and 3 kinds of
> properties / relations related to it:
> a) Full content of a post/item.
> We need a property that allows to express full content of a post (what
> you'd call a body of a post), in different representations. And need
> to be able to tell what representation this content is in.
> [GNU] made an earlier suggestion how to do this in [2] using Atom/OWL.
> We still need a property that would link a Post/Item to aowl:Content
> and possible candidate names are body (as proposed in earlier posts),
> content_enhanced, or any new suggestions.
> [2] http://b4mad.net/datenbrei/archives/2006/08/21/sioc-and-atomowl-a-new-way-to-describe-content/
> We can then model all different versions of content in SIOC using this
> pattern and attach appropriate MIME type to them. E.g., a post
> description can contain both its content in Wiki markup and in HTML.
> Another usage of this pattern is to represent versions of a post in
> different languages.
> Existing properties used SIOC to describe post content: sioc:content,
> content:encoded.
> b) "Things" contained within / linked to from a Post/Item
> A Post/Item may contain or link to objects which we may want to tell
> more about. Things contained within a post can be an Image, or a
> Review. Things linked to from an item can be a video or a
> presentation. There may also be attachments to an Item which do not
> appear in a post (e.g. a wiki page may contain an attachment which is
> not linked to from a page).
> > The embeds property could allow files to be viewed (e.g. remote video
> > files) or embedded metadata to be incorporated (e.g. in some structured
> > / semantic blog posts, so that embeds -> object with metadata) in a
> > post.  There may be a distinction between something that is attached and
> > something that is embedded - the former may not be displayed in the post
> > whereas the latter is - and something that is attached may also be embedded.
> >
> > Another alternative is to use something instead of attachment / embeds
> > that can be used interchangeably, e.g. includes or contains (although
> > the latter confuses with sioc:has_container).  This would remove
> > ambiguity over which to use (if someone won't use both).
> Existing properties: attachment, links_to
> Needed: a property that points to things that a post/item contains.
> Suggestions: embeds, contains, or any new suggestion.
> c) "Things" and concepts that a post/item is about
> We want to tell what [things or concepts] a post or item is about.
> John did not mention this kind of relations directly but there is a
> thin line between the things a post/item is about and things contained
> within a post/item. Existing properties: sioc:topic to point to
> category and tag URIs (with an rdfs:label to add a text label);
> dc:subject to express plain text keywords.
> Currently SIOC expresses categories and tags, but does not tell how to
> say that this is "a post about film F1" or "a post about presentation
> P1 by person X". We need a way to do this.
> Option: Use a sioc:topic pointing to [the URI of] the object a
> post/item is about. This is a generic way how to describe relation to
> any kind of an object. Type / class of the object can then specify
> what kind of an object this is.
> > Myself and Uldis have been wracking our heads trying to come up with the
> > best way to do this, so it'd be good to have your ideas on this.
> Please add your comments / suggestions.
> All are welcome. :)
> Best,
> Uldis
> [ http://captsolo.net/info/ ]

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