[foaf-dev] RDFAuth: an initial sketch

Renato golin renato at ebi.ac.uk
Sun Apr 6 22:24:42 BST 2008

Peter Williams wrote:
> You'd have to let go of the PGP fantasy AND buy some rather expensive 
> devices. But, QC auth for key agreement does work, practically, now. It 
> would allow semweb and crypto to merge better, given both would have 
> left the discrete time domain. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6009001/

Hi Peter,

Yes, quantum security is perfect in the theoretical sense but W3C cannot 
enforce users to buy *any* kind of special hardware to make the web 
works, expensive or cheap. There are fingerprint scanners widely 
available and still we don't see any standard requiring them to work.

Standards work on a different level, by defining which level of trust 
you must rely on each part of the system. What you use to assure that is 
up to the implementation.


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