[foaf-dev] Re: 'Interested In' field

Frederick Giasson fred at fgiasson.com
Tue Apr 8 12:54:21 BST 2008

Hi Antony,

>> Have a look at the RELATIONSHIP vocabulary [1].
>> It provides subproperties of foaf:knows to define this kind of relationships, eg
>> :me rel:colleagueOf :Andrew
>> In case you need more properties, you can extend it regarding your
>> needs (and discuss here I think, in case you think some might be added
>> in the vocabulary, as "has family relationship with").
> It's not about my needs, the groups are also created by the users, and can have any name.
> This vocabulary is interesting, but not what I wanted.

Which group? You mean the "kind" of properties such as rel:colleagueOf, etc?

Would it be possible to have a better explanation of the use-case and 
what is needed? This would be helpful to find a solution :)


Take care,


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