[foaf-dev] Re: 'Interested In' field

Anthony Steele anthony.steele13 at ntlworld.com
Tue Apr 8 13:38:53 BST 2008

> From: Frederick Giasson <fred at fgiasson.com>
> Which group? You mean the "kind" of properties such as rel:colleagueOf, etc?
> Would it be possible to have a better explanation of the use-case and 
> what is needed? This would be helpful to find a solution :)

This is for a proposed system that I am experimenting with, where data is made available selectively to friends. 
The user populates Friend groups with friends. The request is identified as coming from a friend (the mechanism has been under much debate on these lists, not final yet), the friend's groups are retrieved, and appropriate content is served.

I'm now wondering if the friend-to-group mapping data is such a good fit for a FOAF document. Given that the user names and populates these groups, they could mean anything; it's not semantic data - it is likely to be useful and understandable to people, but that's not guaranteed. 

Maybe the way for me to go is to confine these groups to the back end, and perhaps allow flags e.g. the user specifies that people in group "my friends" are in relationship to them of  "rel:closeFriendOf" and "colleages" are in "rel:worksWith". This rel would then be placed on each friend record generated in the FOAF doc.

In that case I'd like a general "rel:Family" rather than all the very specific "rel:grandparentOf", "spouseOf" etc.

Is this making sense now?


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