[foaf-dev] FOAF AutoDiscovery vs RDF AutoDiscovery

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I've implemented FOAF profiles on Ardorado.com using Semantic MediaWiki's
(SMW) importing functionality and it works pretty good - all the right
triples are created and stuff:

   - http://www.ardorado.com/User:Sergey_Chernyshev - HTML profile page
   - http://www.ardorado.com/Special:ExportRDF/User:Sergey_Chernyshev -
   RDF profile page that includes some FOAF

Now, SMW uses

<link rel=3D"alternate" type=3D"application/rdf+xml"
href=3D"/path/to/rdfrepresentation.rdf" title=3D"Some title"/>

tag to indicate corresponding RDF representation. The problem here is that
none of the FOAF tools I saw around were able to find RDF for profile pages.

I wonder if this is because "alternate" is not yet adopted by FOAF
community? or it is because tools (like Perl's XML::FOAF) rely on "FOAF"
being the title?

What are the definitive parts of the AutoDiscovery link:

<link rel=3D"meta" type=3D"application/rdf+xml" title=3D"FOAF" href=3D"foaf=
.rdf" />

defined on http://wiki.foaf-project.org/Autodiscovery and which parts are
optional (title? no)?

Also, should tools rely in the link to determine that destination document
contains FOAF data or should they rely on contents of the document? since
FOAF as all other RDF vocabularies have "application/rdf+xml" mime type,
there seems to be no way to know.


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Sergey Chernyshev
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