[foaf-dev] [Ann] Triplify / LOD Triplification Challenge

Peter Williams pwilliams at rapattoni.com
Sun Apr 13 20:08:53 BST 2008

What Triplify does we also did, about 6 years ago. One creates dynamic SQL =
in response to requests from a client/server protocol. SQL Templates contro=
ls the dynamic SQL generation process, being derived earlier from the SQL m=

The net result was a RETS standard - from which conforming listeners made b=
y lots of vendors export an interface for a particular query language (DMQL=
) that issue dynamic sql suited to the resources in question. A couple of r=
esponse formats were standardized, including pure XML. You can think of it =
as an early SPARQL server, which had a digest auth and vendor-specific secu=
rity models attached.

In the US realty community using RETS as a web-centric data standard, we ha=
ve a choice coming up fast. We could add RDF (in some serialization format)=
 as yet another export format to the RETS server AND add the SPARQL as anot=
her supported query language, or we can simply front the RETS server with a=
n SPARQL server (much as RETS fronts SQL). As it stands, Im choosing the la=
tter, so membership resources can be translated into FOAF on the fly, where=
 the FOAF elements are a join across multiple backend RETS resources (which=
 are themselves a join over various SQL tables...) This choice is the easis=
t to deploy, but the most inefficient to run - obviously. Being an unintent=
ional example of agent technology, it does allow any of the gateways to be =
located wherever the security model deems most appropirate, including the d=
ata-consumer site. =

As triples cannot be "replicated", a "dataset" is thus only a "triple" at t=
he last hop, this model also preserves consistency with semweb doctrine.

Peter Williams

From: S=F6ren Auer
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Subject: [foaf-dev] [Ann] Triplify / LOD Triplification Challenge

Hi all,

In order to get more explicit data, information and knowledge on the
Web, we recently released Triplify, a small plugin for database backed
Web applications, which publishes structured relational data on the Web
as Linked Data, RDF and JSON. Many Triplify configurations make heavy =

use of FOAF. You can find more information about Triplify (and download =

the latest version) at:


In order to expedite the process of transforming the document Web into a
*queryable Web of Data* we are organizing a Linking Open Data
Triplification Challenge together with this years I-Semantics conference
[1]. The challenge awards *attractive prices* (MacBook Air, EeePC, iPod)
to the most innovative and promising semantifications.

More Information about the challenge can be found at:


I would be very excited if you support this effort - e.g. by spreading
the word and/or submitting to the challenge.



[1] http://www.i-semantics.at/

S=F6ren Auer, AKSW/Computer Science Dept., University of Leipzig
http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/~auer,  Skype: soerenauer

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