[foaf-dev] Suggestion for WOT vocab - PGP Word List fingerprints

Earle Martin earle at downlode.org
Wed Aug 6 21:05:41 BST 2008

Graham Higgins wrote:
> Human artefact or not, I'm a little uncomfortable about the practicalities
> of using foaf:name to model complex personal names...

I agree entirely, and think that there is room for a little expansion
in the spec to cover this area. Regarding "General Sir...", did you
know there's a foaf:title property? However this still leaves out the
orders, and those are definitely needed. Perhaps a foaf:awards would
be in order, to cover orders, degrees and so on. So your chap could
conceivably be

:X a foaf:Person ;
    foaf:title "General Sir" ;
    foaf:name "St John Richard James Addison" ;
    foaf:awards "KCE, CBE, DSO" .

The latter may not best be modelled as a simple literal, though. I
think that the order of awards is relevant, as well, as you'd be
unlikely to see someone describing themselves as "Joe Smith PhD MSc
BSc". But again, this runs into the issue with rdf:Seq that you

> Again, as a human artefact, both are essential if a list of foaf-modelled
> personal names is to be sorted into the familiar and expected (if admittedly
> culture-biased) surname-then-givenname order.

Very much so. We probably need something like a
foaf:fullyQualifiedName (or ...Identifier?) to write out names in
their entirety. Of course, this touches on the redundancy issue once
again, but I can't help feeling that a certain amount of redundancy is



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