[foaf-dev] foaf2homepage

Nicholas J Humfrey njh at aelius.com
Mon Dec 8 02:21:52 CET 2008


I have just rebuilt my homepage out of my FOAF file using ruby + reddy  
+ erb + some glue:

I would like to construct the sentence "I am a Software Engineer,  
working for BBC Audio and Music in London." out of information from my  
foaf profile. I have added an rdfs:label to my foaf:workplaceHomepage  
and foaf:based_near properties, but can anyone suggest how I might  
describe that my job role working at my employer is as a 'Software  

Are there any existing extensions to FOAF for this kind of employment  

I built a little class on top of Reddy to do some linking open data  
type stuff with it:

Foaf = Namespace.new("http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/", "foaf");
me = Resource.new( 'http://www.aelius.com/njh#me' )
puts "   foaf:name #{me[Foaf.name]}"

me.each_with_predicate(Foaf.knows) do |friend|
     puts "  foaf:knows #{friend[Foaf.name]}"
     puts "    - #{friend[Foaf.homepage]}"

Code is here:

ActiveRDF lets you do this and much much more, but I just fancied  
having a play myself...


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