[foaf-dev] Re: SPARQL GEO and SQL GIS extensions

KANZAKI Masahide mkanzaki at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 14:26:46 GMT 2008

Hi Leigh,

That's really great. My old experiment page[1] (includes a little GEO
stuff) works well as before, by just changing .org to .com. Now I
should try new functions.

Thanks a lot !


2008/2/2, Leigh Dodds <leigh at ldodds.com>:
> Am working to resolve this now. The domain is now xmlarmyknife.com
> rather than .org.
> Documentation is back, and am working to get the services up and
> running again. This'll include the geo functions. I'll look at
> packaging up and publishing these separately, at the moment they're
> just supported in the SPARQL endpoint.

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