[foaf-dev] FOAF:dateOfBirth

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Mon Feb 11 17:26:57 GMT 2008

Uldis Bojars wrote:
> Hi All,
> foaf:dateOfBirth is used in a number of FOAF profiles (e.g., danbri, 
> LiveJournal, ...) but it does not appear anywhere in the FOAF 
> Specification or the namespace RDF file.

My FOAF file is amongst the least sensible places to look for best 
practice --- it has experiments etc in it. I should fix that.

Can you or the search-y people at Galway DERI get any stats on the use 
and distribution of FOAF properties in the wider Web? I'd like to get an 
up to date measure of the state of things (for birthdate/day and beyond).

BTW re LJ, I was at SixApart in SF on thursday, and amongst other things 
arranged to get some contacts at the new LJ company that has been set 
up. LJ is leaving Six Apart, there is a new company in the US, which 
will be owned by a Russian company Sup. LJ FOAF already contains 
extensions for Yandex, a Russian search engine, so I'm interested to 
learn more about their needs, plans etc. Also I met up with Brad 
Fitzpatrick that morning, mostly to discuss the Google Social Graph API 
(and integration of raptor RDF parser into the toolchain). But we talked 
a little about LJ, and possible tweaks to the FOAF, including adding 
PersonalProfileDOcument etc markup, to make it easier to know which 
person the file is primarily about.

Re birthdate, the wiki contains the latest records of decisions. It 
might be worth revisiting depending on the plans for nearby namespaces, 
if they've changed.



> If people are using it, should it be added to the specification?
> In many cases people are exporting the full date (incl. the year) and 
> the existing foaf:birthday, as defined now, would not be appropriate 
> (but it could be used by LiveJournal which is exporting the birthday w/o 
> a year).
> Uldis
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