[foaf-dev] Accounts as identifying properties

Leigh Dodds leigh at ldodds.com
Fri Feb 15 09:11:45 GMT 2008

>  I've been trying to promote a concept I've been calling the YASN-Roll.
>  It's a list of links to your profile page on all the Social Networking
>  type websites you belong to.

Currently I tag my homepages as "Me" on del.icio.us. So the data
can also be shared/derived that way.

And incidentally subscribing to that RSS in Firefox
gives me a handy toolbar to jump to my favourite sites.

>  <foaf:Person>
>   <foaf:holdsAccount>
>     <foaf:OnlineAccount rdf:about="http://flickr.com/people/jbond/" />
>     <foaf:OnlineAccount rdf:about="http://www.last.fm/user/jbond/" />
>     <foaf:OnlineAccount rdf:about="http://del.icio.us/jbond" />
>     ...
>   </foaf:holdsAccount>
>  </foaf:Person>

Thats not quite correct, you need a separate holdsAccount for each property.

>  I'd like to have a name for each entry as well. But the name of the
>  service, not my name on that service. "Flickr", "Last.FM",
>  "del.icio.us", not "jbond", "jbond", "jbond".

I think the best way to handle that would be to actually model the

     <foaf:OnlineAccount rdf:about="http://flickr.com/people/jbond/">
              <foaf:Service rdf:about="http://flickr.com">

(I've not checked but "Service" may be something described in SIOC)

>  As a side effect of this there are rich opportunities here for
>  auto-discovery of services after reading the FOAF. Visit the page, find
>  the RSS/Atom, read all the microformats, follow the rel=me and
>  rel=contact links, find the associated FOAF on that service, etc etc.



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