[foaf-dev] Re: Accounts as identifying properties

Simon Reinhardt simon.reinhardt at koeln.de
Mon Feb 18 23:16:32 GMT 2008

Morten Høybye Frederiksen wrote:
> I find it handy to have foaf:accountName "mortenf" and (e.g.)
> foaf:name "LinkedIn" both be present, as sometimes you'd have a
> collection of accounts for a single person, sometimes a collection for
> a single service, and it'd be nice to always be able to display
> something sensible, instead of just a list of "LinkedIn, LinkedIn,
> LinkedIn, ..." or "mortenf, mortenf, mortenf, mortenf, ...".

Btw., does anyone know why foaf:accountName isn't rdfs:subPropertyOf foaf:name?


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