[foaf-dev] generating FOAF - dumb or smart?

Leigh Dodds leigh at ldodds.com
Sat Feb 23 18:53:02 GMT 2008

>  Meantime, I got tired of using http basic auth to the SPARQL server. (Never did get
> Twinkle2.0 to talk to my http endpoint accepting SPARQL protocol, which required at least
> basic auth - as there is no obvious way to configure the twinkle client agent for security).

Thats because the 2.0 version doesn't support access control on SPARQL
endpoints. I've been waiting for the recent ARQ release, which
includes some changes I requested to the API. One of those was having
a bit more control over the construction of the endpoint URL
parameters than was previously available. I need that particular
change to support endpoints with access tokens.

So the 2.1 release which I'll hopefully have time for next week should
include the feature you need.


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