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It's not FOAF-specific, it could be applied to, let's say RSS-feeds of an
online journal that has private postings, too. HTTP Basic Authorization or
OAuth could be used for this, but the only way the client knows that he can
authorize for this document is sending a "401". There should be something in
HTTP, a header that states "additional content available on authorization".
Any thoughts on this?


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No, as you correctly guessed, this is not foaf specific. I just posted it
here because I had been thinking of this in terms of the topical problem of
social network "portability". The idea of portability is a lot less
interesting to me than the thought of social network connectivity, or linked
social networks. But to do this one will have to answer the problem of how
to make some relations visible to some people and not to others. I know that
a lot of people are happy to put their business information available online
for all to see, but would rather not have everyone read their family
relations. So if Facebook or LinkedIn are going to be able to publish foaf
files we need make it possible for them to offer this functionality.

The simple way to solve that problem is to return different representations
to different people viewing a particular foaf file.  

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