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Michael Wechner michael.wechner at wyona.com
Sun Jan 13 23:21:12 GMT 2008

Story Henry wrote:

> To make things really clear it is worth starting with a simple example.
> I would like people who come to request my foaf file at
> http://bblfish.net/people/henry/card
> to get a minimal representation back. Perhaps something like this:
> --------------------minimal public foaf----------------------------
> <>   a foaf:PersonalProfileDocument;
>      foaf:maker :me;
>      foaf:title "Henry Story's FOAF file";
>      foaf:primaryTopic :me.
> :me    a foaf:Person;
>        foaf:depiction 
> <http://farm1.static.flickr.com/164/373663745_1801c2dddf.jpg?v=0 >;
>        foaf:openid <http://openid.sun.com/bblfish> ;
>        foaf:openid <http://bblfish.videntity.org/> ;
>        foaf:gender "male";
>        foaf:birthday "07-29";
>        foaf:title "Mr";
>        foaf:name "Henry J. Story";
>        foaf:homepage <http://bblfish.net/> .
> <> openid:loginForMoreInfo </login> .
> --------------------end minimal public foaf----------------------------
> A client that retrieves this representation and that recognises the  
> openid:loginForMoreInfo
> relation (or whatever is decided is the best solution to this  
> problem), may decide that it is worth it identifying itself (how 
> would  it decide that? Perhaps this is where if I added the bloom 
> filter  described in 
> http://blogs.sun.com/bblfish/entry/my_bloomin_friends to  the above 
> representation the client could decide that authentication  is worth 
> the trouble...)
> Anyway so let us say the client ( Beatnik perhaps ) that is owned by  
> Dan Brickley authenticates at <http://bblfish.net/login> with his  openid.

how does the client know this URL? Via the openid:loginForMoreInfo element?

As said I think via service would be more appropriate, because there are 
more services than authenticate for more info, but I am very fine to 
start with something very simple which we can agree on for a prototype 
;-) and then start enhancing



Michael Wechner
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