[foaf-dev] foaf:mbox but not IFP?

KANZAKI Masahide mkanzaki at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 15:01:08 GMT 2008


Since the domain of foaf:mbox is foaf:Agent (super class of Group,
Organization as well as Person), it'd be better not to use 'personal
mailbox' as its label. (and its comment, too).

It's confusing to see 'Personal mailbox' for organization mbox in Tabulator ....


2008/1/5, Dan Brickley <danbrickley at gmail.com>:
> Yup, I was about to suggest Group, which you can just write as
> <Agent>, since all groups are agents. There are some properties which
> are Person-only (see http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/images/foafspec.jpg
> (unless you've tabulator installed, sorry)) but in general that should
> work.

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