[foaf-dev] Time to make the foaf classes relate to Dublin Core classes?

KANZAKI Masahide mkanzaki at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 08:34:23 GMT 2008

Hi Kjetil,

2008/1/23, Kjetil Kjernsmo <kjetil at kjernsmo.net>:
> I think foaf:Group can encompass such ad hoc classes of people, as the
> spec further says "This concept is intentionally quite broad, covering
> informal and ad-hoc groups, long-lived communities, organizational
> groups within a workplace, etc. "

Well, foaf:Group can be an ad-hoc group, but I expect it be a 'real'
one, while dcterms:AgentClass is for more 'abstract' group (hence
class of agents) such as 'all female'. I wonder it would be confusing
to mix up both categories.

> Though, the idea of a
> reciprocal subclass got me somewhat confused, envisioning a Venn
> diagram, does that mean that they partly but not entirely overlap?

Reciprocal subclass is exactly same relationship as
owl:equivalentClass, so it is not desirable in this case. I think they
might have some overlap, but not subclass (entirely part of) each


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