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following our earlier exchange, we are starting modelling foafx using
a cloned version of foafgenerator

I realised we never had the chance to talk
Ijust checked  the latest spec for foaf here


I am not sure if the latest foaf generator conform to the current foaf
version (in fact it looks like it's made up a little), so please
confirm to me which element set is now part of the current foaf, as I
am not sure I am reading  correctly

I understand we can have

[WWW]foaf:Person *
 [WWW]foaf:Organization *

so the first option for the user is to select which most appropriate
foaf profile are they trying to generate

If we extend it with the additional attribute expertise', ( 4.1.8 )
then we can bang in there properties such as

education, work experience and interest as part of that . Expertise
could apply equally to person, organization, group

Would that be right?

can I add as many elements to the attribute 'expertise' that I deem
desirable (I will put this point for discussion) or is there a
reasonable limit to how many sublevels does an attribute have?

4.1 Attributes of a Person

This document defines the attributes of a person as the following:
other information

4.1.1. Identifier
A scheme, numeric or alphabetic, or a combination of the two, used to
identify unambiguously a specific individual
agent. No such schemes yet exist. This element will allow for the use
of such schemes when and if they are

4.1.2 Name
The name or names by which the person is known, including alternative names.

4.1.3 Dates
May include date of the person's birth and/or death, or floruit dates
(ie. an indication of the period in which the
person was known to be active in a given field of endeavour).

4.1.4 Title
A word or phrase used to identify the rank, office, nobility, honour,
etc. of the person.

4.1.5 Affiliation
The name of the organization, institution, company, or other body with
which the person was or is associated, or by
whom the person was employed or contracted.

4.1.6 Location
Information about the person's principal area of residence over time.
Context may be indicated by the use of
appropriate qualifiers (for example: Lived in Canberra 1991-2005).

4.1.7 Email
Email address or addresses currently assigned to the person at the
time of the description.

4.1.8 Other Information
Any additional significant information about the person that is needed
to unambiguously identify that person.

4.2 Attributes of a Group

This document defines the attributes of a group as the following:

legal number
web site
other information

4.2.1 Legal number
Any official number assigned by a public authority that is used to
identify the group.

4.2.2. Name
Names by which the group is or was known. May include other forms of
the name and changes of name over time.

4.2.3 Jurisdiction
The legal name of the judicial and administrative entity which has
jurisdiction over the territory in which the
group operates.

4.2.4 Location
The place from which the group operated.

4.2.5 Dates
Dates indicating the period the group operated. May include such
things as date of founding and dissolution, date
of legal mandate establishing the group, etc.

4.2.6 Web Site
The http address of the world wide web site operated by the group.

4.2.7 Other Information
Any additional significant information about the group that is needed
to unambiguously identify that group.

Paola Di Maio
School of IT

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