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fyi, from one of the DataPortability.org projects

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From: Josh Patterson <jpatterson at floe.tv>
Date: 26 Jan 2008 08:21
Subject: [WRFS] Prototype: Early Stage 1
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Well, I finally carved out some time  to begin hacking away at a few
rudimentary concepts, and I know Paul is hard at work on a more fully
realized wNode prototype.

What I've done so far is created a js REST script that queries a very
rough + static wNode; It doesnt do much, and is more than likely
breaking XRDS laws of some sort, but its there.


There is an experimental mode on the wNode, which can be triggered via
the html form interface; It allows for a FOAF render mode from the
wNode, which may or may not ever make it into any sort of spec, its
more of a way to say "hey. this is what we were talking about" to the
RDF and FOAF communities --- "this is what it could look like, and now
we have a common reference point." ( and there again, some of the
terminology  I really wanted to describe a data container [ flickr,
myspace ] in FOAF didnt exist, as far as i could see. however, its
based on RDF, so I'm sure I could just make assertions about a
resource, etc )

[ foaf render mode ]

[ default xrds render mode ]

I think the next question begs to ask: ok, so how do you further
define this resource? how is it controlled? how is it queried? wtf is
that random "wrfs" namespace you imported into xrds? (I employed a
creative license there.) -- and where the hell is the data container
example? (coming? er. sometime soon?)

This "prototype", even if you can call it that, is simply a beginning,
a needed spark. I expect everyone to constructively tear this thing
apart and make it better 10,000 times over --- and only then can it
becomes a fraction of its potential.

Rudimentary Data Container Example Records (hard coded for now, just
to show mechanics)
Parsing of xml XRDS data into data structure which generates the
queries for each Data Container.
Setup 3 Data Containers that spit out records (static is fine), so
that the demo can pull some "live" data from different servers.
Information coming out of Data Containers is more than likely
something dead simple like ATOM for now, or even just some stock XML,
I dont care --- as long as it functions, and shows the mechanics of
what we want to do. This will more than likely change over time.

Longer Range Todo:
Setup an openID 2.0 server with AX
Setup OAuth + Discovery, get headers working decently, weave in
Implement a wNode that supports REST  { GET / PUT } with support for
querying subsets.


Josh Patterson

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