[foaf-dev] foaf phone and tel URLs

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Wed Jan 30 18:03:36 GMT 2008

I was reading the tel: spec

It looks like their definition of a tel URI is context dependent in  
many cases. Ie. that is not what I would call a URI, understood as a  
Universal Resource Identifier. Of course some people want to think  
that URIs are "Uniform Resource Identifiers", but well that breaks a  
lot of web conventions. If one has to take the context of where a URI  
is asserted into account to understand its meaning, then it is not  
very useful in any setting where information needs to be merged, most  
of all the semantic web.

Should we limit the tel URIs of foaf:phone to ones that are Universal,  
ie useable from anywhere on the planet? Or should one specify an  
indirection context:

:me foaf:phone [ from [ geo :France ];
                 call "0164225952";
               [ from [ geo :IbisHotel ];
                 call "9164225952";
               ] ...

No, I don't really want to spend time right now thinking about this.  
Perhaps the vcard people have. It may be worth a note... Sorry if this  
has already been discussed before.


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