[foaf-dev] Proposed changes to Relationship vocabulary

KANZAKI Masahide mkanzaki at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 09:24:08 BST 2008

Hi Danny,

> Of course I trust your statement on this, but would be grateful for a
> pointer the appropriate part of the specs where it appears (I'm overdue a
> total re-read of the whole spec suite, but there are rather a lot and I'd
> completely forgotten this part).

It's not easy to show a pointer... "A subproperty of a symmetric
property = symmetric" is not necessarily the case, because there is no
such definition in OWL semantics that leads such interpretation.

OWL Semantics 5.2 says, "if P is SymmetricProperty, then P(x, y) =>
P(y, x)", and nothing more than that.

You might be interested in taking a look at new SKOS Reference draft
[1], section 8.6.3, where the editors put this note:
Note that, although skos:related is a symmetric property, this
condition does not place any restrictions on sub-properties of
skos:related. I.e. sub-properties of skos:related could be symmetric,
not symmetric or antisymmetric, and still be consistent with the SKOS
data model.

> {relationship vocab properties} rdfs:supPropertyOf  x:asymmetricRelationship
> with a little explanatory prose.

I think machine (application) won't be confused that {relationship
vocab properties} are symmetric, but humans might be. So, some
explanatory prose will be a good idea.


[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-skos-reference-20080609
@prefix : <http://www.kanzaki.com/ns/sig#> . <> :from [:name
"KANZAKI Masahide"; :nick "masaka"; :email "mkanzaki at gmail.com"].

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