[foaf-dev] The foaf:knows semantic, symetry and subclasses

Olivier GENDRIN o.gendrin at novactive.com
Fri Jul 25 13:34:05 BST 2008

Richard Cyganiak wrote the 25th of july 2008 :
> There is no implication of knowing in real life in 
> foaf:knows, and has never been as far as I remember.

Ok. So do we have a vocabulary to express relationships IRL ? 

> And foaf:knows in the way it is used today goes much beyond 
> sioc:subscriber_of, so it is in no way roughly equivalent.

So you agree to say that the existing RDF exporters for
Twitter/Flickr/Identi.ca missuse foaf:knows and should use
sioc:subscriber_of ?

And do you have an example of foaf:knows that would not concern IRL people
and would not be covered by sioc:subscriber_of (and so by
foaf:holds_online_account) ?

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