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Simon Reinhardt simon.reinhardt at koeln.de
Thu Jun 12 19:56:57 BST 2008

Story Henry wrote:
>> :me event:isAgentIn [ # Note that this inverse property is deprecated 
>> but it makes it easier to write this in RDF/XML.
> in N3 you can also write
> :me is event:agent of [

Yup, of course I could also have written [ event:agent :me ; ... ]. Just thought about people who want to transform it into RDF/XML easily. :-)

> yes, events and objects are two really key pieces in logic. I remember 
> an article where David Lewis tries to tease out the difference between 
> them. If you think of it, it's not that easy, because both objects and 
> events are defined by him as spacio temporal regions. I remember he 
> ended up having a very neat way logical way of transforming one into the 
> other. I don't have my books handy here.

The Event ontology is of course kind of a simplification of models like ABC Harmony [1] - although I find their Event / Action differentiation a bit dodgily modelled. I tried mapping those two, GOLD [2] and SUMO but found SUMO to be even more chaotic. :-D
Anyway, I think this can be approached quite pragmatically, the Event ontology is sufficient for most things, I don't deem the subtle differences necessary here. Nonetheless I'd be interested in David Lewis' work.


[1] http://metadata.net/harmony/ABCV2.htm
[2] http://www.linguistics-ontology.org/

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