[foaf-dev] Re: Social Networks that use FOAF

Anthony Steele anthony.steele13 at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 25 12:17:57 GMT 2008

Michael Wechner wrote:

> I am not sure if you actually want to pass this information to your 
> "trusted" friends, because maybe they won't use it properly.
> But what I could image would make sense is if Bob trusts Alice and hence 
> passes her his phone number, but wants to tell Alice not to pass this 
> information to anyone else and for this one would need some standard.
> Is this the usecase which you had in mind?

sadly I don't think that there is any technological solution to this. If Bob tells Alice something, there is really no way to stop Alice repeating it if Alice wishes - Alice could forward it, cut and paste it, let someone read it off the screen over her shoulder, print it out, etc. etc.

It's a social networking lesson that we learn at an early age: If you tell your friends your secrets, first be sure that you can trust your friends not to repeat them. 


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