[foaf-dev] RDF triple assertions live forever?

Phillip Rhodes mindcrime at cpphacker.co.uk
Fri Mar 28 09:12:42 GMT 2008

Julian Bond wrote:
> They produce no FOAF now. Any =

> triples that came from Tribes.net are now obsolete. How long do you =

> think it will be before references to them disappear?

A couple of other thoughts about this... somewhat orthogonal, but while =

it's in mind...

If we request FOAF, process it, then re-request it, the possibility =

exists for contradictions to arise if we do any caching or storage of =

the triples.  At first blush, I'm thinking that - for the uses cases I =

have in mind anyway - it would be sufficient to just always use the =

newest assertion.  Or if an assertion is stored, but no longer exists
in the newer document, it should be purged from the reasoner on the
side that's requesting it.

Does that jibe at all with the way other people are seeing this?


-- =

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