[foaf-dev] RDF triple assertions live forever?

Reto Bachmann-Gmür reto at gmuer.ch
Fri Mar 28 09:59:27 GMT 2008

Julian Bond wrote:
> Take the recent Tribes.net debacle. They produce no FOAF now. Any 
> triples that came from Tribes.net are now obsolete. How long do you 
> think it will be before references to them disappear?
I'm not sure why you think these triples are now obsolete, apart from a 
couple of triples referencing the no longer exiting personal profile 
documents they are still true. If they did assign http-URIs to Persons 
[1] the server response might now contradict the triples (not sure what 
a 404 response on a non-information response means, but a 200 response 
would contradict a triple saying that the resource is of type foaf:Person).


1. I recommend not assigning URIs to persons, not even to yourself, see 
my commento to TMBL's post: 

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