[foaf-dev] DataPortability, SPARQL and the "Connect!" button

Kingsley Idehen kidehen at openlinksw.com
Fri May 2 18:26:20 BST 2008

Danny Ayers wrote:
> On 02/05/2008, *Kingsley Idehen* <kidehen at openlinksw.com 
> <mailto:kidehen at openlinksw.com>> wrote:
> Thanks Kingsley... snipped a bit -
>     But what about the additional benefit of a URI e.g a .Name based
>     URI provides a canonical entry point into resulting data graph?
> Hmm, I guess you could have one of those with the generated CONSTRUCT 
> - but what might you want to do with it outside the immediate context? 
> - you could regenerate another appropriate to any new context, surely?
Trying to create a Named location for accessing their virtualized Web 
data (Linked Data Space).

What would I want to do with a single  URI into my published data graph 
derived from a myriad of Web Data Sources? Is that your question? If my 
assessment of your question is correct, the answer is: Use this URI as 
my conduit to relevant data i.e. a highly serendipitous data traversal 
path as in "follow your nose" etc..

>     Your post + my comments above = OpenLink Data Spaces  :-) This is
>     part of what OpenLink Data Spaces has always been about, plus some
>     more 
> Sorry Kingsley, let me stop you there - I'm not looking for more! To 
> be honest when I was thinking of possible routes I'd forgotten ODS had 
> all the social net/CMS stuff, and as you suggest essentially has the 
> kind of capability I'm after (and loads more).
I know you are not looking for more :-)

I am simply adding data to the conversation. We are conversing on the 
Web. We are adding data to the GGG, we are making the Web as a Database 
richer via this conversation :-)

> But I'm not sure that currently it would clearly demonstrate the 
> "Connect!" idea (i.e. linked data done shiny) to the typical Facebook 
> user - for such a user, I suspect that if anything there's *too much* 
> capability visible in ODS.

The amount of functionality in ODS depends on how you choose to view it. 
If you start from the base of the functionality pyramid, of course 
there's a lot. If on the other hand you start from the  Apex (Get a URI 
in 5 minutes or less [1] ), then you are back to your "Connect" angle 
with other benefits.

The essence of my communication is that you've described the Apex of the 
Data Portability value pyramid. Likewise, I've pretty much pursued this 
angle for a while and most of the time encounter blank stares (even 
though I never start from the base of the pyramid as my PPT should outline).

BTW - At the end of my mail I also acknowledged that taken strictly "as 
is" ODS will not expose the workflow in the manner you've outlined. 
Which I repeat is nice and concise. That said,  this concise work flow 
isn't incongruent with the essence of ODS (note: me adding to the 
broader GGG discourse re. this comment).

> Another point I should have mentioned before - ideally the "Connect!" 
> would happen across two diverse systems - say ODS + SPARQLPress.
And many more :-)
The more the better for the GGG of Linked Data!
> ...and it must have a big red button!

And must provide a confirmation message: "You are now Live and 
Connected!" :-)



> Cheers,
> Danny.
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