[foaf-dev] DiSo Project thread: "OpenID 3.0, XRDS-Simple and Portable Contacts"

Danny Ayers danny.ayers at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 21:20:15 CEST 2008

2008/10/4 Chris Messina <chris.messina at gmail.com>:
> Is there a reason why you can't just use XRDS-Simple as it is? Why do you
> need to convert it to RDF? (Just trying to get the use case...)
> http://xrds-simple.net

There isn't really any conversion involved, just viewing the
information in a fairly simplistic generic model so you can make use
it of alongside information from other sources in the same model. As
long as the source data is reasonably Web-friendly (i.e. important
things are named with URIs), conversion can be pretty transparent.
It's a bugger that XRDS-Simple inherited a non-HTTP-addressable
namespace, but aside from that I reckon we're speaking the same

The use cases are (in this context) things like e.g. merging
in-the-wild social net data with the address book on your desktop,
single sign-on. spam trapping, *useful* personal network expansion.
Gimme some use cases for XRDS, DiSo even, I'll do my best to put them
in semweb terms (not joking - could be useful for both of us).

The distinction between addressing resources directly and using a
service to discover those resources is that of "tell me about Chris"
vs. "tell me where I find out about Chris". (Either way covered by
appropriate access control). Both have their place IMHO, but the
former needs a few less GETs.

There are stylistic, architectural and conceptual differences in the
approaches, but I don't see any fundamental conflict.

I can only speak based on what I see on the lists, but there does seem
to be a lot of closed-mindedness about looking at what those other
people have figured out (e.g. RDF folks) and what those other people
have achieved (e.g. OpenID folks).

Whatever, I'm an optimist, I reckon convergence is inevitable when we
all have the Web as the baseline.



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