[foaf-dev] Suggestion: biography property

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Sun Sep 14 12:49:49 CEST 2008

Kless wrote:
> I suggest to create a property called *foaf:biography* referencing to
> a homepages with the biographical information.

That would be broadly analagous to 

... a property that references a document with publication info.
Domain:  	foaf:Person
Range: 	foaf:Document

The foaf:publications property indicates a foaf:Document listing 
(primarily in human-readable form) some publications associated with the 
foaf:Person. Such documents are typically published alongside one's 

I have to say I've not seen very heavy usage of this property, and I 
expect there are more publication pages currently in the Web than 
(auto)biography pages. Probably the strongest source of 
non-autobiographical biography data right now would be Wikipedia via 
DBPedia, or other MediaWiki installations using Semantic MediaWiki. 	

> It would better than use *bio:olb* [1] where you have to write that
> information.

It would be different. I don't think we need to say 'better' or 'worse' 
in absolutes. The bio:olb property has plenty of value, and with RDFa 
(and eRDF) it can be used inline within such pages. However there is a 
lot more to biographies than a one-liner, and I would like to get more 
of that content modelled nicely. Employment history, schooling etc. The 
schoolHomepage property we currently have is just the tip of an iceberg, 
and extensions such as the Russian Yandex schema, ie. 
show some appetite for including machine readable biography data.

<ya: school rdf: resource = "http://link-to-filter-by-school" ya: 
dateStart = "2003-09" ya: dateFinish = "2007-12" dc: title = "Moscow 
State University" /> etc...

In this context, a foaf:biography property could help client apps 
discover more html+rdfa data....



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