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Thu Apr 23 18:01:39 CEST 2009

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Date: 2009/4/23
Subject: Re: [foaf-dev] foaf:topic and dcterms:subject
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Hi Dan, Danny,

>>> but what would x here be?
>>> <dogs/B/Basil>  x<#Basil>
>> x is what I am calling the "it" property. Originally I suggested this for
>> SKOS but I tihnk it will be more pragmatic to just put it into FOAF, and
>> have FOAF more heavily endorse SKOS as its preferred way of talking about
>> topics as distinct from the things those topics represent.
> +1 to that then!
> ("it" doesn't seem a perfect name, but I'll be most impressed if
> anyone can think of a better one that isn't already well-overloaded in
> RDFSland)

Indeed at some point in SKOS design we considered "it".
[1] collected some options for linking classes to the concepts they
are the reference of. I used there a really technical skos:bridge not
to bias people into using a specific name (eg. "it" ;-) but the idea
then was indeed to represent concepts to "real" things.

But in the end we decided not to go that way. It was a problem
difficult to solve, and also maybe out of scope of core SKOS (just as
some argued that skos:subject was)




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