[foaf-dev] FOAF and vCard mixing together

Keith Alexander k.j.w.alexander at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 00:00:29 CET 2009

>> If there is other way, how to connect a vCard N(ame) to foaf:Person
>> thank you for any suggestions.
> Via the vcard:n (lowercase) property:
>        <#me>
>                a foaf:Person ;
>                vcard:n [
>                        a vcard:N ;
>                        vcard:given-name "Toby" ;
>                        vcard:family-name "Inkster"
>                ] .

I've wondered about this for a while.

vcard:n has a domain of vcard:VCard

Is <#me> a foaf:Person , vcard:VCard . sensible ?
The human readable annotation for vcard:VCard just says "Resources
that are vCards". I would guess that a vCard was an electronic
business card, so, maybe not the same as a person, though the vCard
ontology documention for vcard properties often says things like "the
[property name] of a person"; and I have seen people attach vcard
properties to themselves in foaf files. I don't think either foaf, or
vcard ontologies document how a foaf:Person/foaf:Agent might be
related to a vcard:VCard, do they?
There is openvocab:businessCard which does this.
In addition, the hCard microformat spec encourages authors to use it
for "representing people, companies, organizations, and places".

Can anyone clear up my confusion? What is a vcard:VCard, and how
should it relate to a foaf:Agent ?


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