[foaf-dev] FOAF and vCard mixing together

Harry Halpin hhalpin at ibiblio.org
Wed Dec 2 19:02:25 CET 2009

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Toby Inkster <tai at g5n.co.uk> wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-12-01 at 23:00 +0000, Keith Alexander wrote:
>> Is <#me> a foaf:Person , vcard:VCard . sensible ?
> Ah, the eternal question. A person *is* a vcard, or *has* a vcard?
> Without better guidance in the vCard ontology (which is being revised at
> the moment, though I don't think we're getting a definitive answer on
> this one just yet) as to what exactly a vcard:VCard is, I don't think it
> can be answered definitively.

I was under the impression a "vcard:VCard" was a resource that
represented basically a "business card", but that the properties could
also directly be applied to people, as most of us don't think of
ourselves in terms of business card.

So, *you* can have a name, and your business card can have a name. But
don't feel like you *have to* model your business card, it's usually
easier just to model people directly.

> Personally I tend to think of a vcard:VCard as being "something that has
> a set of contact information". Thus a person can be a vcard, and also
> have one or more other vcards (essentially personas).


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