[foaf-dev] Definition and type of property name

Houghton,Andrew houghtoa at oclc.org
Sat Dec 5 00:26:41 CET 2009

The FOAF specification says that property name has a range of rdfs:Literal.  What this implies to me is that you cannot have multiple name properties with the same language.  For example:

  <foaf:name>Andrew Houghton</foaf:name>
  <foaf:name>Andy Houghton</foaf:name>


  <foaf:name xml:lang="en">Andrew Houghton</foaf:name>
  <foaf:name xml:lang="en">Andy Houghton</foaf:name>

Is this a correct reading of the FOAF and RDFS specifications and if so would it be worth while to mention this in the description for the name property.

BTW, it is unfortunate that FOAF doesn't have a foaf:alias property that would be defined to contain non-preferred names.  For example, my foaf:name is "Andrew Houghton", but I commonly go by my non-preferred names of "Andy Houghton" or "Drew Houghton".  The property foaf:nick isn't really meant for name aliases based on its definition.

Thanks, Andy.

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