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Greetings all!

the focus of this Cfp is not strictly 'semantic web', but surely relevant in
its broader context?

Please  help us get the word out, consider submitting a paper, and/or
sharing with colleagues who may have work in this area



 *IEEE DEST 2010*

*Special Track: Web Based Harnessing of Human Collective Intelligence*

Web based communication is creating unprecedented opportunities for
aggregation of knowledge from large distributed groups of Internet users.
Attempts to exploit web based resources vary in scale and complexity (e.g.
Crowdsourcing, micro-outsourcing, open innovation etc) presenting new
challenges for technologists and social scientists who are working to
develop the supporting organisational systems and infrastructures.

New computational frontiers are pushed by the proliferation of easily
accessible and intuitive web based social software tools and environments
that enable multitudes of people to connect, communicate and exchange
information and knowledge in near real time, thus creating a platform for
'collective intelligence (CI) to be leveraged.

Indeed the vast network of "HPU"s (human processing units) available on the
web offers ways to exceed the limits of what can be computed
algorithmically, and possibly even ‘compute the uncomputable’. More advanced
computational techniques including what referred to as ‘semantic
technologies’, are expected to increase this potential exponentially.

While a universally accepted model and definition of 'Collective
intelligence', has not yet emerged, examples of web based collective
intelligence, can be found in different disciplines (from image
classification to economic development and governance),

This track aims to promote a sound interdisciplinary framework for the field
of CI, harnessing from different areas of research, grounded in the
respective scientific theories, and capable of encompassing different
perspectives: socio-political, technical, scientific.

We encourage inter- and multi- disciplinary approaches that cover more than
one aspect of CI and encourage original and quality contributions including
(but not limited to) the following research areas:

   - Domain definition of collective intelligence (what is CI?)
   - Evolution of CI - practices, case studies (e.g. from Crowdsourcing to
   Collaborative Communities and Open calls)
   - Tools and techniques to support CI (programming and designing of
   - Social and behavioural dynamics related to CI, within the context of IT
   - Impact of CI on advancement of interdisciplinarity
   - CI Projects and results (both positive and negative)
   - Theories and Scientific Methods pertaining CI
   - Statistical Methods for Knowledge aggregation
   - Expertise finding


*Track Chairs: Paola Di Maio, Jonathan Corney*

*Submission deadline 1 February 2010,*
here:  http://dest2010.debii.curtin.edu.au/index.php/paper-submissions-

*Conference website:*
(please note track info on the website may not yet be up to date)

Paola Di Maio
The trouble with the world is that the stupid
are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

Bertrand Russell

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