[foaf-dev] beyond foaf:mbox_sha1sum

Peter Williams pwilliams at rapattoni.com
Tue Dec 22 17:32:37 CET 2009

I get the impression that the slash/noslash recurring debate is a bit like the cert world's "NR/noNR bit" debate. (NR stands for non-repudiation - a concept not proven to actually exist.)

In the cert world, some folks believe the NR bit can be implied; others say it must be explicit to exist. This is independent of whether the thing being implied or made explicit exists (or not), assuming the notion can be reduced to an actual concept.

Many theories have been proposed to justify one explanation or the other. No  resolution to the debate has ever been found. But, lots of theory teaching got done - showcasing lots of relevant knowledge.

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>>> I don't think there's any need for a convention.  The URI http://
>>> foo is necessarily identically equivalent in function to the URI http://foo/

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