[foaf-dev] Updated Wordpress OpenID trust exporter - any Wordpress/PHP experts interested?

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Thu Dec 24 10:05:14 CET 2009

Hi folks,

Following up on http://danbri.org/words/2009/10/25/504 ('Syndicating
trust? Mediawiki, Wordpress and OpenID')

It turns out to be quite easy to get a list of OpenIDs from Wordpress
for only those who have submitted at least one approved blog comment:

SELECT distinct url FROM wp_comments, wp_openid_identities WHERE
wp_openid_identities.user_id=wp_comments.user_id AND

I've been playing with these kinds of idea for a while, and I think
it's time to get a bigger dataset. I have been doing this in a quick
Ruby hack:

./danbri-wp-group.rb >

Right now, I'm not currently dumping the list to an intermediate
representation; I take it straight into an SQL script that configures
the Groups setting in MediaWiki. Whether that particular trust
decision is prudent is another matter.

-> http://danbri.org/2009/groups/wp_groups_danbri.sql

There are a *lot* of Wordpress blogs out there. And a good number of
OpenIDs. It should be possible to harvest this sort of data by
creating an easy to install Wordpress plugin. Is anyone here
Wordpress-literate and interested to explore this idea on a wider
scale? We could expose the raw number of approved comments for each
openid, or just put the account holders of each openid in a group, or
both. Making up some ad hoc vocab here:

#danbri.org-commenters a foaf:Group; foaf:acceptListFor
<http://danbri.org/words/> .
#danbri.org-commenters foaf:member #p1 .
#danbri.org-commenters foaf:member #p2 .
#p1 foaf:openid  <http://bob.example.com/> .
#p2 foaf:openid  <http://alice.example.com/> .
... etc

(There are few ways the data could be structured, but variations on this theme)

Idea would be to expose the openid list via a nice URL (in RDFa or
RDF/XML?), and to make this easy for anyone to do with a Wordpress

Of course to motivate them to do so there would need to be some nice
tools built from aggregating this. So probably best to start with a
smaller group of curious hackers first. Since it's only a line of SQL
to get a list of approved OpenIDs out of Wordpress, a plugin should be
quite easy. I could have a go but if anyone here is more familiar with
recent Wordpress machinery I'd love some collaboration...



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