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Michael Smethurst Michael.Smethurst at bbc.co.uk
Fri Jun 5 11:03:26 CEST 2009

> K. Faith Lawrence
> Thank you to Nick and Misha for mentioning OntoMedia. It is what Paul at the BBC has been working with and I am pleased to say that, to the best of my knowledge, it has handled with the interesting challenges of Dr Who.

Hi Faith / all

Just reread my mail from last night and realised i wasn't at all clear and didn't pass on credit where it was due - ie to you :-/ Can only blame it on sleepiness. Apologies...

To be more specific we have 3 (probably more) things going on at the mo:

1. Paul Rissen's prototyping around plotlines and narrative arcs in fictional tv/radio. This is using ontomedia to model dr who. Should have pointed out that ontomedia is coping with everything we can throw at it at the moment - if it can cope with dr who it usually means it's good enough for us :-) (paul is also looking at modelling narrative in real life events - sport matches and news storylines which is off topic but possibly more interesting?)

2. Tristan Ferne's prototyping around archers plotlines [1]. similar to paul's work but from a none semwebby starting point

3. a proper, funded project (run by Frances) to create character pages for tv and radio programmes

Where we're stuck (at least in my head) is how we shortcut ontomedia in the short term to provide the minimal amount of modelling to make character pages whilst leaving us wriggle room to add in complexity of plotlines, fictional universes, characters from books/operas etc in the future. Should we be making 'character' pages or 'portrayal' pages or 'role' pages? We're still at the stage of defining our terms which ontomedia is helping us with but any additional help would be more than welcome...

Not sure if you're UK / London based or if you're ever in the area but a chat around this stuff would be fantastic - think you can probably point out many of the pitfalls before we fall into them...

Finally we'd also like to link character pages to people pages (to be powered by dbpedia) where character is depiction of person and link up characters to dbpedia and imdb (and musicbrainz where character is portrayal of music artist) where possible

Thinking this would all be useful for the notube project [2] that dan and libby are working on...

Adding in Frances who's running the character page projects together with other interested bbc parties.

Hopefully we can set up a meeting. In the meantime i'll stop bothering the good foaf folk and maybe we can continue off list...

Cheers and again 'pologies

[1] http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/radiolabs/2008/08/archrs_an_everyday_story_of_we.shtml
[2] http://projects.kmi.open.ac.uk/notube/

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