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Fwd:'ing from the SemWeb IG list, as these are topics dear to the heart 
of many FOAFy and MySociety people...

Wish I'd been there :)


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Subject: Civic Hacking, the Semantic Web, and Visualization
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Yesterday I held a session called Semantic Web II: Civic Hacking, the
Semantic Web, and Visualization at Transparency Camp [1], an
unconference about the intersection of technology and transparency in
the U.S. government. My talk was about the application of the semantic
web to government data, and a dream of being able to create
visualizations by just typing in SPARQL queries. I've posted my slides
[2] and some notes [3]. Thought it might be of interest.

This followed another talk there by George Thomas, from the U.S.
government website recovery.gov [4], on how the site will put
information on the government's economic stimulus spending into the
semantic web and the Linked Open Data world via Atom, XHTML, and RDFa.
[5]. (Very cool.)

[1] http://transparencycamp.org/
[2] http://razor.occams.info/pubdocs/2009-03-02_TCamp_Civic_Semantic_Web.pdf
[4] http://recovery.gov
[5] http://george.thomas.name/omb/recovery.gov.pdf

- Josh Tauberer


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