[foaf-dev] Fwd: [oauth] Updates to Google's OAuth (and OpenID) support

Peter Williams pwilliams at rapattoni.com
Tue Nov 3 21:55:52 CET 2009

Particularly interesting is the blog entry on the tenant variant -
expressing the trust network overlays specifically available to the
enterprise "tenant" (and it's particular [trusted] subgraph of named
links tied to it's domain name).

What is interesting also is the control model. If I ms cio decide to
swap cloud operator of my enteprrise variant of the openid/oauth/
contacts/reciprocity services, who controls/owns the endpoint re-
provisioning metadata (used as one seeks to shift over to the yahoo
cloud, now)

This is obviously the corporate equivalent of the personal data
portability issue set.

In us realty (a forty+ year old asp business model migrating to saas)
tenants own the data and lots of very mature contract terms define who
is in control at the "end of relationship". A reputation feedback
process between tenants keeps tabs on vendors who break this pact (by
making exit "difficulties" for example, levying "transfer" fees, or
claiming lack of standards or experience ... or any other excuse

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