[foaf-dev] rdfs:range for dcterms:subject and other "open-range" properties

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Wed Sep 2 12:28:35 CEST 2009

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On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 8:47 PM, Mikael Nilsson<mikael at nilsson.name> wrote:
> tis 2009-09-01 klockan 20:09 +0200 skrev Dan Brickley:
>> If there are no reasonable values for dcterms:subject which aren't
>> also in the class SKOS called "Concept", then this is OK.
> Well, the subject of a resource can certainly be the city of Paris, and
> I've seen strong consensus over the years that cities, persons etc are
> valid values of the property, i.e. that the range is essentially all
> non-literals.
> So from that point of view, I would say that Bernards suggestion is
> technically valid.

OK, thanks, that's very interesting. I had always assumed that
dcterms:subject pointed to subject codes for things, rather than the
things themself.

This actually echoes some discussion I've had with folk lately about
foaf:interest and foaf:topic_interest, and whether the latter could
reasonably be used to point to both things and SKOS concepts for those
things. I was already leaning towards proposing a "yes" there, but if
DCMI are doing it, then it is good company to be in :)

If mythes:paris-concept is a skos concept for Paris, and dbpedia:Paris
is the city itself, then if we use a relationship (eg. a new foaf: or
skos: property, "it") to link from the former to the latter, what
inferences can we draw?

if   doc1 dcterms:subject mthes:paris-concept  & mythes:paris-concept
foaf:it dbpedia:Paris ...
can we conclude that doc1 dcterms:subject dbpedia:Paris ?

ie. "documents whose dcterms subject is a skos code for Paris, also
have a dcterms  subject of Paris itself"

Same with
person1 foaf:topic_interest mythes:paris-concept ...

ie. "people who are have a foaf topic_interest of some skos code for
Paris, ... also have a topic_interest of Paris itself"

I don't mean that DCMI somehow obliges all implementations to infer
such things, ... but rather, is this the pattern of inter-related
meanings we are agreeing on?

If "yes", this has some potential benefit: we could ask "which
documents are about (or who is interested in ...) european cities with
populations of x", and match against descriptions of Paris-the-thing
as well as Paris "the thesaurus entry"...

Am I making sense here?


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