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I take this opportunity to get some insight on something I was working upon,
which i think is somewhat similar to ideas discussed here.
Cross posting one mail I posted earlier.

Hello everyone,

I would like to get some suggestions on open profile idea.

We were thinking of implementing a open profile using open specs such as
foaf and oauth. The aim is to let user makes his social profile just once,
and get it be accessed everywhere. And the way is distributed,
de-centralized. This is how it goes

    1. OAuth will handle authorization headaches.
    2. User creates an account on one social networking website, which
implements open profile .
    3. The website generates a unique profile url for each user.
    4. user goes to some other website, which also implements open profile
and OAuth, the website
       provides user with feature to make account using his existing profile
on other social network.
    5. User puts in his profile url from other website,
    6. Using OAuth for user authorization, which one completes, the remote
website, sends a user
       profile xml file based on the open specs to the requesting website.
    7. The network, gets the profile data, updates it into database, updates
the open profile xml by adding its name into the list , which
          contains name and other information of all the websites which are
seeing this data.
    8. Then it sends an update request to all other services, with the
updated xml, using the rest url of each service,
       specified in the xml file.
    9. All the websites which receives the updated xml, updates their data.
    10.Whenever user updates his profile in any one of the website, the
website, after updating data, sends
       a update request to all other websites seeing it, they in turn
updates their databases accordingly.
    11. The data is hence updated every where and once and no one is
controlling the data.

Its just an initial draft and certainly requires polishing.


On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 1:22 AM, Lucas Stadler <mi.au at papill0n.org> wrote:

> > hello Lucas
> > it is already all given
> > http://retroshare.sf.net for the web of trust
> > and http://offload.sf.net for the storage network
> > we developed the http://retromessenger.sf.net with wxwidget gui to get
> > retrosahre into offload
> > Can you help us? We need to release retromessenger and then integrate
> > the wxwidgets gui into offload
> >
> > If you have questions, mail me back
> >
> > Regards Max
> I am affraid that our aims are somewhat differing. I know that several
> distributed storage etc. applications already exist.
> Apart from being an application rather than a protocol your project
> (especially the retromessenger) gets quite near the point.
> Unfortunately you seem to create exactly one client with just an internal
> protocol rather than a public standardized one. This was my aim. I really
> respect your work there, but our approaches seem rather different.
> Let me point it out more in-depth. Basically the idea I had was like a XMPP
> that does not need any server or domain and just a public key. But it was
> more, as I dreamt of metadata provided by RDF.
> The protocol should be designed both simple and extensible, ideally even
> human
> writable format. XML and RDF fulfill most parts of my whishes and just the
> inter-client communication is really to be invented.
> I know of several p2p projects using DHTs, but I do not know two systems
> which are interoperable. I think that there is a need for a specification
> solving this. Just the connection part and nothing more, as as much freedom
> as possible has to be given to the clients and users.
> I am sorry not being able to help you with your project, but I think that
> the web simply requires more than one application doing something and
> therefor, just a specification to connect these...
>  -Lucas
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